Capital Project Updates

This page is updated regularly to provide Parkland residents with timely and accurate information regarding on-going capital improvement projects. For additional information on any project, please contact the City Engineering Department at 954-757-4165.

Page Updated 8/17/18

All projects to be completed with LED fixtures

North of Heron Bay to W. Hillsboro Boulevard
W. Hillsboro Boulevard to Loxahatchee Road
FPL has begun pole installation. Work is scheduled to begin by the end of July with completion by the end of August/early September. 

Holmberg Road to Loxahatchee Road

FPL has commenced the installation of poles with completion scheduled for late August/early September. 

Nob Hill Road to University Drive
Lighting construction is expected to begin in February of 2019 with completion of construction by April 2019.

Nob Hill Road to University Drive
Lighting construction start date TBD.

NW 66th Drive to Nob Hill Road
Lighting construction start date TBD.

The City of Parkland Library is currently housed in a 13,200 square foot facility at the Parkland Municipal Complex.  Work is underway to redesign the facility by adding a wing to the existing building.  The wing will add approximately 7,000 square feet to the program space.  This addition  will provide a separate space for children and families and a multi-purpose program area.  The City Commission awarded the design to the architectural firm of Williamson Dacar Associates, Inc.  The design is currently underway. The Construction Bid was advertised Monday, April 9 with award for this project scheduled for June 2018. Pre-proposal meeting was held April 24. Five (5) proposals were submitted, scheduled for discussion at the July 11th City Commission meeting. Commission approved moving forward to begin negotiations with the top ranked firm.
The reconstruction of Loxahatchee Road (Lox) is a large-scale collaboration between the City of Parkland (City), Broward County, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).  The project will span Lox from US 441/State Road 7 (SR 7) to the water conservation area.

This project will, in effect, be a complete makeover of the road through its entire span.  Travel lanes will be widened to 11', there will be bike lanes in both directions, a sidewalk along the south side of the road, and much of the roadway will have a landscaped median that will not only provide traffic calming, but will add a Parkland feel to the road.  Additionally, there will be street lights atop cement utility poles all the way from SR 7 to the west end of Lox.

The vision is to create a safe, bright aesthetically-pleasing passage from east to west in Parkland.  City staff is working with all involved agencies to ensure the project stays on track.  Originally funding was expected in fiscal year 2020-2021, but, at the City's prompting, it has been expedited for funding in 2019. 

FDOT has awarded the project design contract to Protean Design Group and a "kick-off" meeting with the full design team was held.  The design is expected to be completed in the fall of 2019.  Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2019 or early 2020. A public hearing is being held August 30, 2018.
This project involves the expansion of Fire Station 42 approximately 300 square feet for the purpose of adding two (2) additional bunks and a bathroom. The City Commission awarded the design to Keith & Associates at the January 31st Commission meeting. The concept has been submitted and approved. Project to be advertised in September.

CITY HALL BUILDING DEPARTMENT EXPANSION                                                                            
This project involves the expansion of the existing building space for an additional 3,000 square feet. The expansion, once complete, will accommodate additional space for the Building Department in addition to space for the City's record retention files. Commission awarded the construction to Lynx Construction Management. Site Development work has begun. Staff is preparing bid package for furniture for July advertisement. 
This project will include the construction of two multi-use athletic fields, bleachers, a shade structure, athletic field lights, drainage and irrigation. Work on the project began on April 10 and is expected to be complete in September.

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